Monday, January 21, 2013


I don't know about you, but I don't just think exercise and eating right is a ball of fun.  I need motivation, or there's no way I'm going stick to it.  Yes - eating right needs to be a lifestyle change, not just a "fad" diet.  But who doesn't enjoy making weight loss more like a game?  

I saw this idea on Pinterest a few different times and decided to give it a try.  While I was at Target, I picked up some of these marble-like vase fillers and 2 mini-buckets from the dollar section.  I wrote on the buckets with a chalk marker "Pounds LOST" and "Pounds TO GO." 

I filled the "Pounds TO GO" bucket with marbles to represent the amount of  pounds I want to lose.  I placed them by  my scale and will move a marble over to "Pounds LOST" for each  pound I lose.  As small and trivial as it may seem, I am excited about moving those marbles! 

My husband suggested that maybe I pay myself for working out.  I like it!  I picked up an extra bucket at Target and am using the leftover marbles to keep track of the money I earn for working out.  I get a $1.00 per day that I workout.  When I've saved up a sufficient amount, I'll get to use my reward money on something that I will enjoy!  A movie?  Shoes?

Another idea I am trying is to have some reward envelopes ready for when I lose 5 pound increments of weight.  I took some time and really tried to pick some incentives that motivate me.  We just had Christmas, so I went through my wallet and decided to use some gift cards I already have.  
-5 pounds = Panera Lunch & Book Date! 
-10 pounds = New MAKEUP! 
-15 pounds = Manicure & Pedicure
-20 pounds = Shopping Spree! (Giftcards for Limited, JCrew, & Victoria's Secret!!)

What motivates you?  A new outfit?  A new hairdo?  A trip?  When deciding how to reward myself, I had to keep in mind that rewarding myself with food would defeat the purpose. (I have always heard the saying - you are not a dog! Don't reward yourself with treats!)

How do you get motivated?

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