Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Get Your Workout On!

LAZY! <-- That is the word that currently describes my workout routine. 

The summer was easy - I had endless time! I spent my mornings at the Y and then usually still found time to walk the dogs or hop on the treadmill for a bit. I did good at first when work started back, but now I have been a s-l-a-c-k-e-r!

I am a planner. If I have a plan or a schedule, I'll stick to it! I'm good at making it to appointments. So, I have made some appointments for myself - my health depends on it!

Blue = REST, Pink = Cardio, Purple = Strength
I have a spin bike at home. I love it, but I hate it! When I spin, I get up early and get it done before work. 
I. hate. getting. up. early.
I hate it, but I've found that if I can force myself to do it - I made healthier choices the rest of the day. 

The schedule is subject to change - but at least it'll get me up and moving! 

My other goal? Reach 10,000 steps a day!! I have a FitBit - more on that later - and it measures my daily steps. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to reach that goal when you work at home and sit in front of a computer all day! 

What are you doing to stay active??

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