Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fitbit Fitness

Think you are really active? I thought I was.
Then I got my FitBit.
I was moving a lot less than I thought.

This little band has been by my side for a year now - you may see it change colors, but it is there. Tracking my activity. 

I LOVE it! It tracks my steps, active minutes, calories burned, miles traveled, and my sleep. It syncs with MyFitnessPal to keep track of calories in versus calories out. 
I once left it in its charger and forgot it on my way to Zumba! I had to remind myself that my body wouldn't know the difference, even though I wouldn't get credit for all those steps!!

 It is so helpful to be able to look at your activity and see the patterns. I know that I definitely need to get up and move more during the work day. 

I work so hard to make all 5 of those little dots light  up (each dot = 2,000 steps - my daily goal is 10,000 steps). In the winter, my husband and I strapped on our tennis shoes and became mall walkers - just to get in my steps. It motivated my husband and he got a Garmin for his birthday!

I have a treadmill now - so that really helps me get those steps in quickly. I hated the treadmill at first, but now I hop on and read on my Kindle. I can make the font bigger so I'm able to read and walk, walk, walk! (I have come to terms with the fact that I am not a runner - I have had too many calf / back issues.)

I enjoy weekends! I get to get up and MOVE all day. I go to Zumba when I can - I log a whopping 6,000 steps in 1 class. (That is way more fun than running 3 miles.)

The FitBit is great because you can view other friends who have a FitBit and encourage them! You can also 'challenge' them to a 'Daily Showdown' or 'Workweek Hustle.' I will say - I am more motivated to get moving when I know my friends and family are watching. 

I love my little band - it keeps me moving!
What motivates you to get up and move? 

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