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Yes, we are LOSTees!  On our Hawaii honeymoon, we took a self-guided LOST tour around the island of Oahu to find some of the filming locations.  LOST fan or not, it was a great way to find phenomenal places on the island we wouldn't have found otherwise.  We had originally joked about it when we came upon the website back when we were dating.  When we got engaged, we decided why not?  Let's do it!  So it LOST that brought us to the island.  The big photos are the ones we took! The small photos were found on the virtual tour website

Windward Community College
This was the Santa Rosa Mental Institute in LOST - where Hurley was.  Up above the Winward Community College building that was used is actually a hospital for the criminally insane - creepy!  

By0do-In Temple
Jin and Sun get engaged on the bridge and married in front of the temple.  They also film some scenes with the bambo in the back - where Sawyer tells Jack he met his dad, Christian.  This was a beautiful place to see.  There were black swans that waddled around.  

A Black Swan
Carl got to ring the gong.

Waikane Pier
Where "the others" take the captured survivors.  Kate & Sawyer paddle to the main island.  "The others" steal Desmond's boat.

Shrimp Truck
Where Sawyer kills the man he thinks killed his parents.

Kawela Banyan Tree
Walt searches for his dog Vincent.  Sayid tortures Sawyer.  Locke's Camp.  Sayid gets tortured by the Dharma Initiative.  It was wild finding this place - you pull up on the opposite side of the road from a fruit stand and walk through some woods. 

Kawela Bay
Kate finds Sawyer skinny dipping.  Juliette shoots Pickett.  Juliet & Goodwin have a picnic.  There were some surf lessons going on here. 

Waialee Beach
This was my absolute FAVORITE!  I could have set up camp and stayed here ALL day! This is where Kate stiches up Jack.  Kate washes her shirt.  Jin picks sea urchins.  Michael & Sawyer come ashore where Jin comes out yelling 'others.' 

I am standing where Kate sewed Jack up.
Carl is being Kate - where she washed her shirt. And where Jin found urchins. 

Ted's Bakery
Not a LOST location - just a fabulous suggested stop!  It was WONDERFUL!  We loved the chocolate haupia pie!  Hawaii did NOT help me lose weight. 

Waimea Valley Parking Lot
This was actually closed off, but we sneaked over. We HAD to have pictures of where Boone & Locke find the drug plane.  Also: Saywer attempts to open Kate's case.  Locke & Eko find the Pearl station.  

Waimea Falls
Kate and Saywer swim and find the case full of guns.  Paulo finds diamonds.  Jack, Kate, & Sawyer return to the island.  I would have brought my swimsuit if I had known I could swim here!  That's on my bucket list for our next Hawaii trip.

Kate's Tree
Where Kate & Tom (her childhood friend) dig up their time capsule.  What an amazing tree!  

Papailoa Beach
The survivor camp!  This was a huge part of LOST through all the seasons.  Sawyer's tree & tent, Sayid's tent, the kitchen.  Also, beside this area is the graveyard where they had Shannon's funeral and it is where Mr. Eko built his church.  I don't know how they did it in the show - the sand was SO deep and very hard to walk through.

The tree is where Sawyer set up camp.
You can actually see the remains of a leftover LOST grave to the left of this photo. 

YMCA Camp Erdman
"The Others" camp!  We met some fellow LOSTees at this point in the tour.  This was probably the coolest part of the whole tour.
#19 - Juliette's House (Present)
#20 - Kate's House (70's)
#21 - Ben's House (Present), Dr. Chang's House (70's)
#22 - Juliette & Sawyer's House (70's) 

Juliette & Sawyer's House
Kate's House
Juliette & Sawyer's House

Assembly Hall
Used for the Dharma Initiative. 

Dillingham Airfield
Eko's plane leaves Nigeria.

Radio Tower
This is pretty self explanatory.  You couldn't get close to it, so we have some pictures form a distance.  

Stay tuned!  This was one day of LOST touring - there's one more day to show. 

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  1. I absolutely love this! We are huge Lost fans. I would love to go to Hawaii and do this tour. I love doing that kind of stuff! So fun!


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