Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Biggest Loser - Family Style

I am so excited to tell you about what my family is doing!  My sister Jennifer and brother-in-law Tim had the idea to have a little family competition as motivation for all of us to get healthier - and smaller!

Sharon (my mom), Jennifer, Tim, Carl (my husband), and I are all competing! 

The Game!
We are competing on 2 levels.
1. Losing % of body weight
2. Losing body fat %

The stakes?
Everyone put $10 in the pot!
The winner of each level wins $25.  If you lose the most % of body weight and most body fat % - you can win the whole $50 pot!
We'll all win healthier bodies!

What do you do to stay motivated?  Stay tuned - I'll keep you updated you on how everyone is doing! 


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  1. Such a great idea! Money motivation totally works for me. I've already lost my 4% for my DietBets I entered, now just have to keep up the motivation for the rest of the month. That's why I like your idea even more - really motivates you to keep going! Good luck!



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