Monday, November 3, 2014

Goodbye, October - Hello, November

It's that time! 
Time to look back at see how the 'plan' for October went!

October went well! The plan didn't always go as plan - life happened - but it got me moving! It made me conscious of my activity level. 

My Accomplishments:
  • I am down 6.8 pounds since the 1st of October.
  • I worked out a minimum of 3x a week. 
  • I met my step goal 18 out of the 24 days. 
  • I walked a total of 267,601 steps!
  • I bought new jeans - a size smaller!
  • I ate clean the majority of the days. 
I'm proud of myself. October to December are usually a time when the scale goes the opposite way. I'm glad I have a plan that will get me to the other end better than when I started.

Blue = REST, Pink = Cardio, Purple = Strength

I have my plan ready to go for November!
My goal is to stay on track and eat clean until Thanksgiving (23 days). I will enjoy my holiday and then will get back on track ASAP! I am the worst at dropping the ball after 1 bad day, and I'm determined not to do that! I would be thrilled if I could drop another 7 pounds this month. 

What is your plan to get moving?

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