Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Card Party

Last Friday, I hosted a Valentine's Card Party with a few friends! I have started having a yearly one for Christmas cards, but a friend asked about doing one for Valentine's and I thought it was a sweet idea! 

I recently featured some of my Valentine's cards and was excited to see what the girls would create! At Christmas, I work to make kits for each of the cards, but I figured we couldn't go wrong with some cute paper and some heart punches. 

There was plenty of food, fellowship, and crafting! 

I even brought out my Cricut machine for some custom cut outs! I forgot how awesome this little machine was - I am addicted!

You know I can't have a party without a yogurt bar. My friend Essie made an amazing sweet trail mix! YUM! {There may have been some splurging...}

Glitter, glam, and a little glue...

There was some impressive creativity happening. 

Some of the girls were whipping out coupon books! We may have even crowned a little princess. 

My niece made this sweet card for her Valentine - her dad! She is definitely a future blogger in the making. 

Did you make a prize for your love?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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