Monday, October 20, 2014

Ultimate Fit Workout

I did NOT want to go today. I almost talked myself out of it, too.
"I could just walk the dogs."
"I could just get on the treadmill for a bit."
"Maybe I could just do a video."
In the end, I made myself go - and I was glad I did. I always hate it, but I feel accomplished afterwards.
Today we did an EMOM workout - every minute on the minute. So you do the set of 3 exercises in 1 minute - whatever time you have leftover is rest. Then you start again at the top of the next minute. After 5 rounds (minutes), we got 30 seconds rest and then moved on to the next set of exercises.
I love workouts that you can take and repeat at home. The only equipment we had today was a kettlebell and set of dumbells. You can also alter any of the exercise sets.
What did you do to get moving today? 

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